September 17, 2013

Vintage vs. Trend: Mad for the Plaid

Plaid is very clearly the trend du jour. It's absolutely everywhere. It's on the runways for Spring 2014 and it's in most high street collections in stores now. Here's a little secret I'll let you in on—I've always been mad for the plaid. Throwing on a plaid shirt à la Kurt Cobain never failed to add on a bit of edgy cool to any outfit, and this has certainly not been a secret to many. Vivienne Westwood rocketed plaid into edgy coolness with her punk sensibilities in the late Seventies (check out her awesome plaid punk ensemble below), many of the west coast fashion bloggers have been rockin' it in their street style posts, and recently Rodarte channeled the '90s grunge scene in their Spring 2014 collection.

Basically what I'm trying to say is plaid has been around for ages and it certainly looks like this is one print that's not going anywhere, whether it's a trend or not.

Read on below for examples of the plaid trend in fashion throughout the years...

Rodarte Spring 2014
'90s grunge was all about the plaid shirt | Shop our vintage plaid shirts here
Original punk queen, Vivienne Westwood with her friends, 1977
Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood plaid dress
Everyone's mad for the plaid! Our vintage plaid tartan skirt just sold recently, but not to worry if you think you missed out; we've got another plaid skirt on the way.
Marc Jacobs Spring 2014
This vintage plaid jacket by Benetton is perfect for Autumn or Spring | Shop it here
Zimmerman Spring 2014
You can find this gorgeous vintage plaid pinafore dress here
Ginger Rogers wearing plaid in the 1930's
This vintage jacket is quite reminiscent of the English countryside and Downton Abbey, isn't it? | If you're into a more classic approach on the plaid trend, how about checking out our vintage plaid blazer here


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