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    I have a couple of exciting new things in my beauty basket this month! This selection includes a much talked about hair treatment/miracle worker, a K-beauty product that promises to deep clean pores with a heating and cleaning two-step duo, and an affordable, drugstore foundation that delivers dewy and flawless skin. Keep reading on for which ones are hits and which ones are misses. 

    Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3

    Ok, let me start off with the absolute hit—Olaplex. Olaplex is the not-so-secret hair miracle worker that promises to repair overworked and damaged hair. In the past, Olaplex was only available at salons, usually as an extra service to protect your hair from the damaging effects of bleaching or coloring your hair. There's three different steps to Olaplex but the third one is the at-home treatment that's now available in select retailers. If your thinking this is just another hyped up deep conditioning product that promises silky smooth tresses, DON'T! That's what I thought too, until I finally tried it out for myself. First of all, Olaplex is not a conditioner at all. It's a treatment that repairs your hair from the inside out by relinking the broken disulfide bonds in your hair strands that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

    Honestly, I was amazed from the very first use. After slathering my hair with Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 and leaving it on for five hours my hair was so unbelievably soft and smooth! For reference, I have very thick, coarse and frizzy hair that has become damaged from all the years of blowouts, heat styling, and occasional coloring. Oh, and you don't have to leave it on for as long as I did but the longer you do leave it on, the better! Lovelies, the rave reviews are true, so go forth and grab this one asap!

    Laniege Mini Pore Heating & Clean Duo

    I'm a huge fan of Laniege. You may remember me raving about their Lip Sleeping Mask and their Water Bank series on here before. That's why it disheartens me to say I was rather disappointed after trying out their Mini Pore Heating & Clean Duo. Laniege's two-step duo promises to target 'congested areas' and eliminate excess sebum and impurities that cause enlarged pores and blackheads. The large pores that are on my nose have been the bane of my existence since puberty. I've tried everything from masks, peels, and toners, all in hopes to shrink those pesky buggers. So when I saw this at Sephora I was like, why not? I really wanted this one to work, but after three tries I gave up on seeing results and am definitely sending this one back. For one, there's no heating sensation at all. I rubbed and rubbed as per instructions and nothing. The second thing is something most reviewers complain about too; you're instructed to massage the heating gel for 10-15 minutes straight. That's an awfully long first step for absolutely no results. Oh well, I still love you Laniege, but unfortunately this one's a miss for me!

    Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation & Maybelline Facestudio Master Prime Hydrate + Smooth Primer

    I received this duo from Influenster a few weeks ago and have been using it as my go-to foundation and primer ever since. Both are super lightweight and make my skin look flawless and dewy without looking like I have a ton of makeup on. I think this dynamic duo is perfect for those no-makeup-makeup days, you know, when you want to look like you have a glowing and healthy complexion, even if it's anything but. The only issue I have is the lack of lasting power. Unfortunately, the foundation started to wear off past lunch hour for me. The bright side is there was no obvious caking which has happened with more expensive foundations. I have combination skin so perhaps this might hold on stronger for those with normal to dry skin. At any rate, for under $10 each, I'm pretty pleased with both.

    Precleanse Cleansing Oil, Phyto Replenish Oil & Hydrablur Smoothing Primer by Dermalogica

    This set of products was sort of a miss for me, but only because I think they are better suited for dry, mature skin. The Dermalogica's Precleanse Cleansing Oil and Phyto Replenish Oil were way too emollient for my oily T-zone and blemish-prone areas. It may also be because I received these at the wrong time. I've been going through a bout of hormonal acne lately so my skin has been extra sensitive to oils in general. The face oils aside, I do like the primer. It gives the perfect matte finish and helps my makeup stay on my face all day. I use Dermalogica's primer for the evening and Maybelline's primer for the day.

    PCA Skin Hydraluxe Intensive Hydration

    I'm a huge fan of PCA Skin's no-nonsense, top-performing products, however their Hydraluxe Intensive Hydration moisturizer is a bit too emollient for my skin as well. On Dermstore's website it does say Hydraluxe is ideal for mature, dry skin, so there we go there. I do love PCA Skin's Facial Wash, Collagen Hydrator, and Pigment Bar.

    Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Glow Shot Liquid Highlighter

    I love, love, love this liquid highlighter. It gives a lovely, subtle healthy glow that's natural as it is alluring. I've been obsessed with YSL's Touche Eclat line for ages. When I'm really pressed for time, I use their Radiance Perfecting Pen to perk up my complexion and then dab the Glow Shot Liquid Highlighter on my cheekbones up to my temples and voilà, I'm good to go.

    Olfactory NYC Body Wash and Lotion

    If you follow me on Insta, you may have caught my post about my visit to Olfactory NYC. It was a pleasure experiencing all of their beautiful scents and going through the process of customizing my own signature scent, which you can do too if you visit their lovely boutique in SoHo. Or you can buy any one of their already amazing perfumes (my absolute favorite is Jayden) and get a matching body wash and lotion so you can smell heavenly all day long! The kind folks at Olfactory NYC are offering 20% off any order in-store or online with the code JOANNA.

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