• I was flipping channels over the weekend and came across the TV series, Pan Am. It reminded me of a very early memory. When I was about four years old I recalled being so excited for my flight attendant Aunt to come visit us from one of her long-haul flights. She always arrived looking so sophisticated and glamourous, with a suitcase full of presents purchased from various cities she had just come from. I think it was then that my fascination with flight attendants had developed.

    I love the glamour days of flying – so much so, I decided to compile some vintage photographs of flight attendants in their heyday.

    Sit back, unbuckle your seat belts, have a cocktail, and enjoy!

    Barbara Braunstein flew with Pan Am in the late 1960s

    Helen Davey in an undated photo from her days as a Pan Am flight attendant

    Mom Kathleen Laughter and daughter Jennifer Munro

    1968 was the year of the space helmet to protect the flight attendant’s hairdo

    Want to see more? We’ve got other photos of vintage flight attendants on pinterest, just click here.


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