• Afternoon chic-adees! (see what I did there?… ah, I’m such a dork). 

    Here’s some photos over the weekend for a mini photo shoot in our lovely garden. The theme? Oh you know, I ever so casually frolic in the garden with my thrifted and vintage finds, while being photographed. 

    In real life I’d wear this to a summer garden part-ay.

    I laugh after pulling this awkward, silly face…

    Cindy Crawford, I am not!

    denim shirt & playsuit BUFFALO EXCHANGE. earrings CADILLAC’S CASTLE. butterfly necklace VINTAGE. upcycled guitar string ring KISSKISS BANGBANG. gold painted ring with rhinestones SECOND HAND. bottom two rings VINTAGE. oriental design lucite bangle SECOND HAND. gingham espadrilles RALPH LAUREN.

    This is the camera I usually shoot all the photographs of my items on Etsy with. It’s pretty damn good for a standard digital camera and I’ve had it for years now.

    With love,
    Jo xx


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