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    Some weekends were meant for staying in. Between the dreary weather forecast and spending quality time with mom this Sunday for Mother’s Day, it seems for me home is where the heart is. In the spirit of chilling at home, here are five of my favorite things this week that all involve enjoying the little things in life.

    1. Having fresh flowers on my bedside table

    Adding fresh flowers in my room never fails to put me in a better mood. Even just a small bunch of baby’s breath put in a tumbler glass can add a pretty accent to any room. For just five bucks I can have flowers in my bedroom and my kitchen. Want to know how to make your flowers last longer? Here are 8 clever tips using regular household products.

    2. Shopping H&M Home at home

    H&M Home Scented Candle Porter Magazine
    I had heard of H&M’s home collection ages ago but for some reason never thought of taking a look. It wasn’t until I wanted a breakfast tray that I discovered I was clearly missing out. Just like H&M’s fashion, their home line is cute and affordable. Along with the tray, I ended up getting this frame, this gorgeous scented candle, this pillow cover, and the tumbler I mentioned above. I was lucky to find out they were having a 20% off promotion on the same day so don’t forget to keep an eye out for those added discounts.

    3. Flipping through the Spring/Summer issue of Porter magazine

    Porter Magazine is one of my guilty pleasures in life. I don’t usually buy magazines anymore, you know, living in a digital age and all, but still I think nothing beats flipping through the pages with your fingers. After I’m done I do favorite thing number 4…

    4. Photographs and scrapbooks

    Sure there’s coffee and cigarettes but honestly I find its G-rated version so much more fun. I’ve forgotten how keeping a scrapbook can be so inspiring. I used to do it all the time as a kid but it works really well for blogging too. All photos, artwork, or ideas I want to write about later, go in my scrapbook. More of a digital person? Check out my Pinterest here.

    Google Home Bedside Table

    5. Listening to Edith Piaf with a glass of red wine and a good book

    It’s like a quick trip to Paris, kind of. The wine helps with the pretending bit 😉 I’ve been reading Bespoke: Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed, the autobiographical behind the scenes look inside London’s iconic Savile Row. The book was written by master cutter and renowned tailor, Richard Anderson. If you’re looking for a funny, interesting, and highly entertaining read, this one’s for you. Looking for a new stereo? If you follow my IG stories you may have caught me playing around with my new Google Home. You can have it play music, tell you about your schedule, look things up for you via Google search, or turn on your lights. Honestly, I’ve been kind of obsessed ever since I got it. It’s a stereo and then some!


    So there you have it, five of my favorite things this week. What are you enjoying this weekend?


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