• Yesterday I published my style inspiration post, ‘Transition into Autumn, The Opulence & Color Edition’. Inspired by what you saw? Here’s some of my picks from the CutandChicVintage boutique to help you get the look for yourself.

    Vintage Tapestry Jacket at the CutandChicVintage shop on Etsy

    Combine color with texture like on this vintage ’50s tapestry jacket

    Vintage 60s Tailored Coat at the CutandChicVintage shop on Etsy

    Add some punch with bright colored outerwear, but keep your pieces tailored for a look that’s smart, not gaudy. Grab the vintage ’60s mod print coat here.

    Vintage Boho Chic Jewelry at the CutandChicVintage Boutique on Etsy

    Accessorize with some Southwestern touches here and there. Bonus points for putting together an outfit that looks like you vacationed like a world class traveler over the Summer. Shop the vintage Berébi earrings and the ’70s bracelet set in our jewelry section.

    Vintage Rhinestone Necklace at the CutandChicVintage shop on Etsy

    Nothing says “opulence” like diamonds. Can’t afford the real thing? Why not fake it until you make it with a vintage rhinestone necklace.

    Vintage DVF Shirt at the CutandChicVintage shop on Etsy

    Dress it up with a dress shirt. Stand out from the crowd by mixing this vintage Diane Von Furstenberg shirt with other bold prints and colors.


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