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sssh…don’t forget…

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Time and time again, “Bettie Page” has been the post popular search term on my blog. I’m rather glad at this because I love the late, great Miss Bettie Mae Page and consider her a style icon of mine, as admittedly risqué as that may sound. However, it’s not her dare to bare bikinis or seductively skimpy lingerie to which I find so fascinating, it’s her contradicting character that I love so much and that makes her so special to her fans.  

‘Nice and naughty, shy and daring, simple and exotic, Bettie shone with a freshness never before seen in the modeling industry’ – The Official Site of Bettie Page

She was an unassuming rebel of her time, she wasn’t like the other girls, but rather the “anti-heroine”, and she did it all with the most marvelous of smiles. 

Want to know more Bettie Page? Read more about the queen of pinups in her official web site,

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