• Current Obsession: Geometric Hoop Earrings

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    Truth be told, I’ve loved hoop earrings since back in the day. So, adding this fab accessory to my Current Obsessions list is sort of a misnomer. There’s nothing current about the obsession I’ve had ever since I was in junior high! Let’s just say this, I’ve fallen back in love with hoop earrings all over again. That’s because 2017’s version of the hoop earring is much edgier, and I mean that quite literally. There are geometric touches written all over this new design—from straight lines to five-piont stars. As edgy as they may seem, this new reincarnation is a little less street and a little more chic. I’m definitely a fan.

    Shop my favorite picks below from another one of my current obsessions, ADORNMONDE. If you’re a fan of dainty jewelry that’s nothing short of effortlessly fashionable and cool, you’ll love them too.


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