• Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren in Portraits Of The Artists, Harper's Bazaar

    Left, “I think it’s an easy thing to identify my silhouette—my person. It’s the Lagerfeld glasses. The collar is Hilditch & Key, and the ring is Chrome Hearts,” Karl Lagerfeld. Right, “I like things that never go out of style, that are rooted in utility and the hand of the artist,” Ralph Lauren. Photographs by Robin Broadbent. From Harper’s Bazaar, September 2012.

    Michael Kors and Donatella Versace in Portraits Of The Artists, Harper's Bazaar

    Left, “I was sold on aviators the minute I saw those Ron Galella photos of Steve McQueen in the ’70s. I love an oversize watch. Not many things are utilitarian and glamourous. I’m the ultimate sun worshipper, but to make my dermatologist happy, Bain de Soleil is my SPF compromise! The smell and the color are like Proust’s madeleines. I am obsessed with the theater and musicals; Once feels absolutely real. Travel is part of my DNA. For me, a cheeseburger is the ultimate classic comfort food,” Michael Kors. Right, “My objects represent different things to me: The rings = glamour, The heel = strength, The dog collar = my sweet friend, Audrey, The sunglasses = protection, The iPad = the present and the future,” Donatella Versace.

    Giorgio Armani and Alber Elbez in Portraits Of The Artists, Harper's Bazaar

    Left, “The items reflect my image and represent the Armani code. First and foremost, there’s the blue T-shirt, which reflects my personality—pragmatic, unostentatious. It’s the sort of uniform that does not distract me and focuses the attention of others and what I say and do,” Giorgio Armani. Right, “With glasses I frame my view, and with the bow tie I frame my neck. Usually I don’t like frames. These two, I love. They became a part of me,” Alber Elbaz.

    I came across this article from Harper’s Bazaar’s Fall Fashion Issue. Portraits Of The Artists asks six iconic fashion designers to make a “portrait” of themselves using their favorite items. It’s a rather interesting feature and I love these photographs by Robin Broadbent, which truly does seem to capture the personalities of each designer beautifully. Alber Elbaz’s quirky portrait is my favorite.

    Which one do you like best?


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