• Number 1: 5 Misconceptions About Shopping Vintage Online by Sammy Davis Vintage

    The vintage lover and blogger, Sammy Davis tackles five misconceptions about shopping vintage online and puts any reservations you may have about wearing vintage to rest. Well done Sammy! I couldn’t have said it better myself.


    Number 2: Frankie Magazine

    Where has this blog been all my life? This stylish fashion blog from Australia is my new obsession. Their photos are amazing and they informed me of my number three favorite read online.


    Number 3: Rachel Antonoff’s RTW concept film short by Lena Dunham

    This short film by Lena Dunham, of Girls fame, is adorable and hilarious. I love the awesome set production and location shots. 


    Number 4: Gary Pepper Blog

    Nicole Warne, the owner and creative force behind Gary Pepper Vintage is a constant source of inspiration for me. It only makes sense to follow her blog!


    Number 5: The Cherry Blossom Girl

    Chic Parisienne, Alix is The Cherry Blossom Girl. Her style is bohemian Jane Birken meets quirky retro. I love that each of her posts has a song associated with it. Makes for a très chic Paris playlist if played one after the other. 


    Do you have a favorite online read? Submit one to us via the comment form. I’d be pleased to read them.


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