• retro makeup book by lauren rennells

    learn how to recreate a 1920's style makeup tutorial from Retro Makeup

    ‘Sneek a Peek’ photos from HRSTbooks.com

    Happy Monday chic-a-dees! Is anyone else having a difficult time getting things going today, like me? Luckily I’ve got a list full of fabulous blogs to catch up on reading. QueensofVintage.com is one of them. They’ve always got marvelous recommendations and vintage style inspirations that admittedly can suck up hours of my day!

    Recently they’ve posted a review on Retro Makeup by hair and make-up artist Lauren Rennells, who works in the photography and film industry. Admittedly this fun and informative book has been on my wish list for quite some time, I’m just yet to get it. 

    I came across this book about a year ago. It was being sold at The Powder Room salon in London, and in the short time it took me to flip through it I was immediately tempted to buy it. There seemed to be chapters on recreating looks from every era and the step by step instructions and visual references appeared easy enough to follow.

    American readers can order it online at HRSTbooks.com and Amazon.com for $23.95 + S&H.

    It’s still on my wish list, having held off from buying it by opting for easily searchable and the irresistible price of free youTube tutorials, however based on reviews and having enjoyed flipping through it before, I just may take the plunge and get a copy of my very own.

    Anyone had a read through this book and tried out some of the looks for herself? What did you think of it?

    Much love,
    Jo. xx


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