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    I found that vintage hat at an estate sale about three years ago. It’s one of those fabulous finds which forces me to wrestle with the decision of adding it to the shop or keeping it for myself. All in all, I have pretty good will power (I’d have an empty shop otherwise!) I very rarely keep vintage finds for myself but making that decision is still very hard. With this one, I crumbled.

    The hat is actually a bit flawed, which is why I didn’t want to sell it, or buy it, even. It’s got some small patches where moths have gotten to it. You can see some of them from the close up picture, but when worn the patches are really imperceptible. When I saw the damage I was disappointed, knowing it’s not repairable, but I couldn’t not buy it. When I see something so wonderfully one of a kind I just can’t part with it and like I said the damage isn’t glaringly obvious, so hey ho. 

    Vintage is very rarely found in perfect, “like it’s brand new”, condition, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous than something new. I think of vintage as like diamonds in the rough, filled with so much potential and tons of character. To me, character trumps perfection any day.

    hat & necklace: VINTAGE; turtle neck top: Had it for ages; disco pants in midnight navy: AMERICAN APPAREL; belts: H&M


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