• OOTD: Today, I’m a blue jean baby.

    You know the best thing about vintage denim? 

    It only gets better with time. There’s nothing like at least 20 years of wear to get it to the perfect amount of softness. 

    On another note, I got to give the Brits a shout out in this post because my entire outfit comes from across the pond. The cute skirt is from Missguided and I lurrrrrve it! I’ve never ordered from them before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to rock the other two skirts I got from them. The shirt came from a thrifting trip I took to Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire. Ooh and here’s a little top tip: if you’re planning a trip to the U.K. (or if you’re already in the U.K., lucky you!) look up ‘The Vintage Kilo Sale’. Trust me, if you love a proper vintage hunt, you’ll thank me for the tip.

    denim shirt: VINTAGE; skirt: MISSGUIDED; necklace: BEADXS ON ETSY


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