• OOTD: Today, I’m keepin’ tough.

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    The Darlington raceway is a race track in South Carolina nicknamed by NASCAR fans and drivers as “The Track Too Tough to Tame.” It’s known as this because drivers can go lap after lap without a hitch only to find themselves bouncing off the wall the following lap. Racers have said that they have to race the racetrack, not their competition. Don’t you think that’s such a great metaphor for life?

    As an entrepreneur starting her business from the ground up, I often feel like my life is like one long race track.

    Sometimes I have to stop and visualize the track before I get on.

    Sometimes I know I have to kick it into fifth gear.

    Sometimes I need to slow down.

    Sometimes I have to look only at what’s in front of me, other times I have to look at who’s next to me and who’s coming up from behind.

    At the end of the day though, my business is not a race nor is it a competition. It’s my life. I’m racing my own track and much like Darlington, it ain’t easy. There are days when I feel stuck and uninspired but I’m not one who gives up so easily. I’m tough too.

    jacket: PLUMBERRYVINTAGE ON ETSY; top & bottom belts: VINTAGE; middle belt: H&M; jeans: TOPSHOP; tank: OLD NAVY

    p.s. Press ‘play’ when you’re feeling stuck in second gear.


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