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    Outfit post by CutandChicVintage featuring vintage clothing

    Vintage outfit inspiration

    Vintage comes in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. I tend to collect vintage of the colorful, fun, and printed variety, but when I find classic, timeless, quality items, like this vintage cashmere sweater from Scotland I snap it up in a heartbeat. Basic, almost “unassuming” vintage finds are really some of the best vintage finds because it’s kind of like having a blank slate you can really inject your personality into.

    Modern vintage outfit

    Enter my safety pins. I love safety pins. The punk rock chick in me wants to incorporate them in everything (see here). These gold tone quilting safety pins look like they were made for my cashmere sweater. I just sewed them on across the neckline, and presto change-o!

    Done sewing these little babies onto my vintage sweater. See what it'll look like in my OOTD post tomorrow...


    Safety pin top diy


    ootd by cutandchicvintage

    Another obsession of mine lately has been stacking my belts. It think it looks kind of swashbuckler / cowboy. I’m neither but it’s fun to feel like both for the day.

    sweater: VINTAGE; disco pants: AMERICAN APPAREL; belts: H&M hat: MARSHALLS; safety pins: MICHAELS CRAFTS


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