• OOTD: Today, I’m rocking a twin set.

    '90s fashion twin set

    outfit of the day

    ootd by cutandchicvintage

    outfit side view

    jewelmint close up
    Do you remember when twin sets were trendy in the mid-’90s? Based on this throwback article from The L.A. Times I was about eleven when the ’50s classic had a revival. Now, instead of the ’50s having a revival, the ’90s are having its moment in the sun. I’m glad ’90s fashion is on trend again. Here’s the thing, in 1995 I watched Clueless probably a bazillion times, junior high school was only one year away, and I was a flat chested little girl who thought being and acting all grown up was everything. Except nothing fit me right in my tweens. I was a scrawny little kid with an unflattering bob haircut and thick glasses. Twenty years later, I would tell my eleven year old self to slow down and enjoy my childhood years more—there will come a day when every year just goes by like that. I will say though, at least now I have boobs.

    twin set VINTAGE
    skirt (similar here) H&M
    sneakers CONVERSE
    clip JEWELMINT


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