• How To Wear A Sheer Slip Dress

    how to wear a sheer slip dress
    The slip dress is back! A welcomed part of all the vintage reincarnations we’ve been seeing to make a comeback. However, unlike the off the shoulder top, the choker necklace, or the block heel, the slip dress doesn’t seem to have exploded like its hugely popular counterparts, at least just yet. So what is it about the slip dress that’s not quite happening? As I figured out on the day of styling this vintage sheer slip dress for the shop, I suspected the answer was in this question, “How on earth do we style a slip dress?”


    This slip dress is one of my favorite vintage finds. I love its airiness. I love that it just seems to float when the breeze blows on it. I love its sophisticated 1920s style silhouette. With all this, it’s needless to say, I couldn’t wait to style it. But when it came down to the day, I couldn’t help but think, “How on earth can I get away with something so revealing?” Now this is the conundrum I think most women have with slip dresses. Slip dresses are flimsy. They look like lingerie and they are just one slip away (pun intended) from a major wardrobe malfunction!

    So the question remains, how do we style the slip dress without finding ourselves catching the emperor has new clothes syndrome? The key to getting away with wearing a slip dress in public is quite simply this—layering.

    When it came down to styling this delicate slip dress for the shop, getting creative with layers was key. After all the dress is completely sheer. Layering it over a silk camisole and my favorite did-it-myself frayed jeans immediately came to mind. I definitely wanted the overall look to have a chic bohemian vibe that was casual but still a little bit glam. I’ve been daydreaming of a luxurious Mediterranean getaway lately but jet-setting to Greece is not the cards. A pair of Grecian style sandals, however, were. So there you have it, put it all together and you’ve got an effortless summer outfit for a vacation or a staycation.



    Other ways to wear this sheer slip dress:
    1. Layer it over another slip dress. Have fun playing around with different hem lengths and see what fun looks you can come up with!
    2. Pair it with a long tailored blazer and some strappy sandals for a glamorous and sleek look perfect for dinner and drinks.
    3. Wear a wrap skirt over it and transform a dress into a camisole. Add a cardigan for a chic office outfit.
    4. Wear it over your bikini and head to the beach!

    vintage bag

    how to wear a sheer slip dress


    vintage dress CUTANDCHICVINTAGE; camisole NICOLE FARHI; jeans H&M; sandals RALPH LAUREN; vintage bag WHITING & DAVIS; sunglasses ARCHIE’S (on sale & only $21!)

    I know it’s a little daunting even trying a slip dress on, but before you cast the slip dress trend away, don’t ban it from your closet forever. Stop and consider how you’d layer it first. You’ll never know, you might come up with one of your most favorite outfits of all time. I know I did!

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