vintage fashion shop by cutandchicvintage
This week I scored some fabulous vintage finds which I can’t wait to add to the shop! Here’s a teeny sneak peek of what’s to come to CutandChicVintage.
vintage lingerie in stock

vintage lace label

vintage 1940s bohemian top

vintage boho chic fashion

vintage boho dresses and 1970s clothing

vintage 1970s jumpsuit

vintage pajama top

fashion prints and patterns

vintage 90s betsey johnson jacket

vintage fruit print bag preview

vintage fruit print bag sneak peek

It’s an awesome mix of colorful prints, ’70s boho chic, and some vintage designer pieces too—all hand-picked with love. I’ll be rolling it out as soon as I can, but first they’ll be off for a good clean and some will be in need of minor repairs. Pretty soon they’ll be all ready for you to rock! Stay tuned and keep an eye out for them in my Etsy shop!