• We love a 1940s look

    My fascination with Madonna all started when I was about four and a half. I found a CD of Like a Virgin and couldn’t stop shaking my tiny tush whilst listening to it over and over again. Over time my attraction to her fluctuated up and down, but one thing stayed true, whenever a song of hers played on the dancefloor or on the radio I found myself doing the same thing I did when I was four, dance maniacally around the room and shake my tush.

    So this one’s for Madonna and her transcending style from album cover to album cover. The queen of reinvention, pop music, and an icon I’ll probably always find myself drawn to.

    p.s. Yup I dig her latest single, feat. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.,”Give Me All Your Love”, which she looks A-mazing in. She not only rocks retro looks by channeling a bit of Bardot hair and Marilyn Monroe, but also cheekily references an 80’s and 90’s version of herself too.


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