• vintage 1960s girl in pink


    salmon pink chanel bag in harpers bazaar


    vintage style fashion fur coat and peach pink dress


    juliette charvet photograph of pink building


    pink neon sign


    leopard print and pink lights by the girl in the changing room


    vintage pop art illustration from my love marvel comics


    vintage love quote


    vintage style inspiration in pink


    vintage nails in pink by cutex


    vintage photograph by sante forlano


    vintage clothing in pink from cut and chic vintage shop

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    image sources

    -1- source

    -2- retro style from Harper’s Bazaar Korea 

    -3- source 

    -4- photograph by Juliette Charvet 

    -5- source 

    -6- photograph by The Girl in the Changing Room 

    -7- from my love vol 2 #12 comic book, 1971 

    -8- source  

    -9- source
    -10- vintage cutex advertisement, 1966
    -11- Diamonds & Bubbles, photograph by Sante Forlano, 1959


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