• 1920s fashion

    With the much anticipated Great Gatsby film, directed by Baz Luhrmann releasing this Spring, the Roaring 20’s is making another comeback in fashion. I think this is such a great era in style to recreate, not only because the dresses were so lavish and decadent looking, but so was the life.  As Lois Long, popular writer for the New Yorker during the time, once said, “Tomorrow we may die, so let’s get drunk and make love.”

    If you’re having a 1920’s themed party or just plan on rocking this look for the hell of it, here’s some style tips to remember:

    • Loose-fitting dresses were all the rage. The waistline was lower and for the most part the hemlines were shorter.
    • Coco Chanel led the way to masculine style clothing. She famously wore a man’s sweater and tied a belt around it’s waist. 
    • Accessorize with a cloche hat, an extra long pearl necklace, and a pair of stacked heel Mary Janes.
    • Chilly outside? Wear a long coat with a luxurious faux fur collar à la the sultry Josephine Baker.

    Want to see more photos of fashion in the 1920’s? Check out my board on Pinterest.


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