vintage showgirl and floral hat

from top to bottom:

circus performer, 1941

lyric from Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California”

vintage flower hat MAEJEAN VINTAGE

vintage circus performer and vintage crop top

from top to bottom:

circus women, 1956

lyric from Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine”

vintage indian belly top choli ROSELEINRARITIES

vintage showgirl and wedge platform shoe

from top to bottom:

Aerial ballet showgirl, 1949

lyric from Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day”

chunky heels HEELS.COM

vintage 1960s showgirls and vintage bangles

from top to bottom:

las vegas showgirls, 1960’s

lyric from Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven


Words to live by: “Many dreams come true and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold.” – Led Zeppelin, “Over The Hills And Far Away”