• Classic Shirting

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    Would you believe I used to detest wearing a white shirt? In my teens, the white shirt was soooo uncool. I wore it only once a year if I absolutely had to for those terrible high school yearbook photos. In my twenties, the white shirt was something stuffy I had to wear for work. It was something I resigned to as part of “adulting” but admittedly it didn’t feel quite right. Looking back, I never willingly wore a white button down shirt. 

    Until now.

    In my thirties (*gulp* now a proper adult), my wardrobe’s direction has rightfully so changed course. What was 90% trendy is now 90% minimalist and timeless. So, kind of like an old flame I once thought was too boring to kick it with, it seems the white shirt has re-entered my life once again and this time I can truly say that I welcome it freely with open and loving arms. Guess I have grown up after all 😉

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    What I’m Wearing Today

    men’s white shirt VINTAGE; jeans LEVI’S; bag ZARA; patent leather mules ASOS; sunnies FOREVER 21; earrings VINTAGE


    white shirt women asos shoes Zara bag

    I admit, this white shirt has been on heavy rotation in my wardrobe lately. Given that I don’t think there’s anything more sartorially versatile than a white shirt, this should come as no surprise. I find that a looser, “boyfriend” fit is just about as effortlessly chic as it can get. There’s nothing stuffy about this version of the white shirt at all. You can literally steal one from your boyfriend’s closet or shop at the men’s section, something I like to do from time to time when I’m feeling in a funk with my own closet. Sometimes I’ll come away with a vintage shirt, like the one I’m wearing today, or sometimes it’ll be a bold silk pocket scarf that I can tie to the handle of my bag or turn into a bracelet. It’s those unexpected masculine pieces that can elevate a whole look.

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    Get the Look


    If you feel like treating yourself, this shirt by Anna Quan is a fabulous update on the classic white shirt. This version from & Other Stories is way more affordable but just as chic. What’s your take on the white shirt?


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