• It looks like I’m snowed in this weekend. What better time to binge on some of my favorite movies, right? If you’re looking for some films that pack a big fashion punch, here’s a list of 15 very stylish movies that should be on your watchlist. Make some popcorn, grab the wine, and get stuck in.

    15 stylish movies bonnie and clyde
    1. Bonnie & Clyde

    It’s winter so what can I say, I had berets and knitwear on my mind. I can’t think of anyone rocking this look better than Bonnie Parker, the chicest outlaw of all time according to this 1967 film.

    15 stylish movies valley of the dolls
    2. Valley of the Dolls

    The ’60s was a glorious period in fashion and style. If you want to catch up on ’60s fashion trends, definitely watch Valley of the Dolls. Between Barbara Parkins, Patty O’Duke, and Sharon Tate there are plenty of deliciously over the top 1960s ensembles to drool over in this movie.

    15 stylish movies the great gatsby
    3. The Great Gatsby

    Usually I prefer the original over the reproduction, but I think Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby has the stylistic edge on this one. Luhrmann’s theatrical vision is the perfect match for this Roaring Twenties period drama. Daisy is a sparkling vision from start to finish, just as Gatsby always saw her.

    15 stylish movies marie antoinette
    4. Marie Antoinette

    I love this film. It’s not a straight up period piece, it’s a little bit rock and roll too making Marie Antoinette’s story a little bit more relatable to a modern day audience. From big hair to bright colors to plenty of diamonds, this movie is style porn born from the pages of Vogue.

    15 stylish movies breakfast at tiffanys
    5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    You didn’t think I’d have a list about stylish movies and leave out the most iconic and influential of them all, did you? This movie has got to be in every fashionista’s watchlist, and how can it not be? Because Audrey’s Holly Golightly rocks so many timelessly chic outfits in just one film, I can watch this rom-com over and over and love it as much as the first time I’ve seen it.

    15 stylish movies moonrise kingdom
    6. Moonrise Kingdom

    This quirky ’60s style film is one of my all time favorites from Wes Anderson. It’s also one for the style books. Check out seven style tips I learned from watching this movie here.

    7. Rear Window

    Grace Kelly’s Lisa Fremont never wears the same thing twice and thank goodness because her outfits are to die for—not literally of course…or is it? This film is a thriller after all. Settle in for an hour and 52 minutes of suspense, mystery, and glamour.

    15 stylish movies annie hall
    8. Annie Hall

    No one rocked menswear like Diane Keaton did in Annie Hall. This is the quintessential movie for some ’70s hipster chic.

    15 stylish movies the thomas crown affair
    9. The Thomas Crown Affair

    This is another stylish film with a remake. I’m going with the original on this one because it has Steve McQueen in it *swoon* but the remake is pretty damn good too.

    15 stylish movies a single man
    10. A Single Man

    With Tom Ford as its director, is it no wonder why the costumes for A Single Man are so impeccable? This is not only a film that’s easy on the eyes though, it’s a great film, full stop.

    15 stylish movies volver
    11. Volver

    Penelope Cruz is a show-stopper in this Pedro Almodóvar film about three generations of women with secrets to keep. In true Almodóvar style this movie is artistically told and Cruz really channels her inner Sophia Loren in this one.

    15 stylish movies la piscine
    12. La Piscine

    This French-Italian film is set in the summertime at Cote d’Azur, pretty stylish beginning from the sounds of it, right? This crime drama stars Jane Birkin (a style icon in her own right), Romy Schneider, and Alain Delon. An interesting tidbit—this movie was filmed in French and English, not dubbed or subtitled, which is the usual standard for International films at the time.

    15 stylish movies pulp fiction
    13. Pulp Fiction

    Between the black skinny tie suits worn by Jackson and Travolta, Travolta sporting a bolo necktie, and Uma Thurman who looked nothing short of fierce wearing just a white button down and black pants for most of the film, this movie is pretty badass when it comes to style.

    15 stylish movies scarface
    14. Scarface

    Speaking of badass style, Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. When you watch this movie your boyfriend will most likely scream out, “Say hello to my little friend!” but you saw that coming, didn’t you?

    15 stylish movies clueless
    15. Clueless

    After the last two intense films you might want to stream something a little bit more lighthearted. As a pre-teen girl, Clueless was the movie that first made me realize there was such a thing as putting an outfit together and that it was an event that involved documenting what you owned and matching it all together on a computer. I think we call that blogging nowadays.

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