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    What’s been happening at CutandChicVintage HQ? Here’s what…

    vintage salvatore ferragamo shoes

    Nov 18: ‘I’m in #vintage shoe heaven!’ 

    vintage 50s tapestry jacket at the cutandchicvintage shop

    Nov 19: ‘A little preview into a gorgeous #vintage find coming soon to the shop…stay tuned!’

    This vintage ’50s tapestry jacket is now in our Etsy shop! Find it in our ‘Jackets / Coats / Furs’ section

    vintage crochet dress at cutandchicvintage

    Nov 20: ‘To sell or not to sell?! Some vintage finds are just too hard not to keep!’

    Stay tuned on my decision on this gorgeous late ’60s, early ’70s dress…

    throwback thursday photo on cutandchicvintage's instagram profile

    Nov 21: ‘#ThrowbackThursday I sure loved rockin’ the big bow and denim combo!’

    cutandchicvintage on instagram

    Nov 25: ‘Visiting one of my favorite #vintage haunts in nyc today, The Vintage Thrift Shop on 3rd! I’m like a kid in a candy store!’

    Nov 25-26:
    ‘The first peek into some of our #vintage finds earlier today. Can’t go wrong with Dior, right?’
    ‘I’m so in love with this #vintage velvet bustier I found from yesterday’s “hunting” trip! Can’t wait to add it to the shop!’

    cut and chic vintage package

    Nov 25: ‘Good things come in small packages #handpickedvintagewithlove’

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