• Dressember, Day 2! Let’s A-dress Social Injustice!

    Let's Address Social Injustice: Dressember Day 2

    In case you missed yesterday’s post about Dressember, I’m participating in a month long event to raise awareness and support for the International Justice Mission (IJM), which is a human rights organization that combats modern day slavery and sexual exploitation around the world.

    Did you know that 27 million people are currently trapped in slavery? That’s more than during the entire course of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    With the Dressember campaign, I’m hoping to raise $1,500 dollars this month to help IJM rescue and bring freedom to the countless victims of slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violence. For everyday this month I will be wearing a dress to show my support.

    Dressember Day 2

    If this is an issue that interests you, you can learn more about what the IJM does by visiting their website, http://www.ijm.org

    If you would like to make a donation to the Dressember 2013 Freedom Maker campaign, you can do so on my campaign page here: http://www.ijmfreedommaker.org/campaign/2077

    100% of your donation will support the work of the International Justice Mission.

    Please also watch this video below of the story of how the IJM saved Suhana, a girl sold into a brothel in India, from the sex slave trade.


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