• 1. You’ve mastered the head tilt when taking selfies.

    Guilty as charged. I looked at my Instagram recently and came to the realization I tilt my head way too much when getting my photo taken! It just feels less awkward for me to take a photo while tilting my head otherwise I feel like I’m taking a passport photo or something.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger 1

    2. You’ve taken a photo of your meal at least once.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger 2
    Don’t ever say fashion bloggers starve themselves. The proof is in the occasional #foodporn pudding on Instagram. Pretty food is too good to waste.

    3. You take a moment to stop where you’re going and take photos of your feet.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger 3
    “From where I stand, I’m looking good.” Click.

    4. You use the hashtags #fblogger, #blogginggals, and #ootd on Instagram and Twitter.

    How else can we fashion bloggers connect with each other? I’ve found so many inspiring fashion bloggers from all over the world just by searching for these hashtags. Work it, girls. You fashionable ladies are awesome!

    5. You take a bajillion photos on your phone or camera, then only use one and delete the others.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger 5
    I never feel cool taking so many photos of myself but between the weird faces and awkward poses I’m happy when I can get a few shots in there I can use for this blog! Admit it, you do it too.

    6. You’re a master at using natural lighting to take flattering photos.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger 6
    Before starting outfit posts for this blog I read up on all these posts I could find about fashion photography for bloggers. All of them had one top tip in common, take your photos during late afternoon when the sunlight is more diffused. It really is more flattering and eliminates any harsh shadows that can be cast on your face.

    7. You never waste the perfect lighting, even if it’s in the fitting room or ladies room.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger 7
    The lighting in the fitting rooms at H&M are sooo good, seriously! So good in fact, I started my very first outfit posts in them. Fashion bloggers know good lighting is hard to find, so why not take advantage of it while you can.

    8. You love a great flatlay.
    Eight signs you're a fashion blogger flat lay
    Riiight?! I love it when I see a great flatlay. I’m always in awe when I see a really good one on Instagram, like this one from @chloehollywood.

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