fashion inspiration safety pin dress
Ever since I saw Elizabeth Hurley wear her iconic Versace “safety pin dress” on the red carpet did my love of safety pins begin. A few years later my punk rock phase started, and well the rest is history. Although my style has changed a lot since then, I must admit my adoration of safety pins is still alive and well. I never fail to turn to safety pins and rock and roll for a bit of fashion inspiration. Whenever I’m bored with something old in my closet, I think, “Can I safety pin this?” I’ve found that just by adding a few safety pins here and there you can revamp most things in your closet. If, however, d.i.y isn’t quite your thing, here’s some fab pieces below that are already safety pinned for you!

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asos safety pin badge
Safety Pin Badge, ASOS

Versace Safety Pin Dress
Versace Safety Pin Dress, MATCHESFASHION.COM


style inspiration safety pin necklace
Safety Pin Necklace,  ASOS

vivienne westwood safety pin earrings
Vivienne Westwood Jordan Earrings, ZAPPOS LUXURY