• Hello, lovelies! I’d like to introduce to you a new guest writer to the blog, Sophia Smith. Sophia is an Australian blogger and regular contributor to online lifestyle magazine, High Style Life. She’d like to share with you five awesome fashion trends to lookout for this summer. I find a great way to breathe new life into your wardrobe is to grab some style inspiration from up and coming fashion trends, and not just from your neck of the woods but from all over the world too. I’m way overdue for spring cleaning my closet so I’m definitely interested in finding out what fashion styles I should make room for! With that said, off to you Sophia…

    Fashion Trends That Are About to be Huge
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    One of the areas in life where you certainly want to be the leader and not just a follower is fashion and beauty. Trends come and go, but people who dictate them stay, and you would like to be remembered as the person who dictated them, not just followed them. With the year in full swing and summer ahead of us, there are some pretty amazing trends just waiting for their chance to shine.

    Here’s what is going to be hot next season.

    Fashion Trends Over the Top Tops
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    Over the Top Tops

    Last year it was all about crop tops and neon shades, but this year it’s something much better: off the shoulder tops! A hippie style with a bit more elegance is what we can expect this summer. Lookout for wide sleeves, plenty of lace, and flowy materials.


    Fashion Trends Mommy Jeans
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    Mommy Jeans

    Bye-bye boyfriend jeans and so long skinny jeans, this season it’s all about the updated and upgraded mommy jeans! A high waist that gently hugs and emphasizes your curves is a great match with crop tops. A relaxed fit for your legs will make you wonder why on earth did you ever wear skinny jeans in the first place? Roll them up a bit so you can show off your shoes. Pro tip: ask to borrow one of your mom’s old shoes, it will give you that authentic vibe and make you the queen of retro style.


    Fashion Trends Show off Your Underwear
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    Show off Your Underwear

    Underwear as outerwear is a huge hit this year, and while some may be scandalised with what that implies, girls from all over the world are super excited to show off their wonderful pieces. Luxuriously decorated bras that can be seen underneath sheer blouses, negligee dresses paired up with casual sneakers, and corsets worn instead of shirts are perfectly all right. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to fit into corsets just yet, prepare slowly by wearing body shapers underneath tight dresses; it will look amazing and your natural curves will be perfectly accentuated.


    Fashion Trends Nerdy is the New Black
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    Nerdy is the New Black

    When was the last time you thought ‘nerdy’ was cool? Well, it seems that this year everyone will think that gingham print and sweaters from your childhood is making a come back. The best thing about this trend is the possibility to make your inner child immensely happy by allowing her to wear bright colours and silly prints as much as she likes. Buttoned up shirts, glasses, and a tight bun will make you look nerdy and professional at the same time, and your co-workers will not find it odd if you choose to wear a shirt with an ice cream print, for example.


    Fashion Trends Statement Sneakers
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    Statement Sneakers

    Yes we’ve had statement earrings, statement necklaces, statement heels, and even statement lipsticks, but did you ever think that statement sneakers would be a thing? It may seem incredible but over-the-top gold metallic sneakers are a thing to have. Not just gold and silver ones, but colourful ones as well. The crazier the colour, the better. Glittery, shiny, metallic, and bright beyond measure – statement sneakers are that one wonderfully comfortable item which will make you look good at a party or when you’re casually strolling through the city.


    At the end of the day it’s important to remember, it is never good to blindly follow trends, no matter how big they are, especially if you don’t feel comfortable wearing certain clothes or makeup. Just be yourself and try to create your own style which will perfectly reflect your personality; there is nothing better.

    Author BIO:

    Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is a regular contributor at High Style Life.

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