• Favorite Etsy Finds

    1 vintage 1960s holiday dress SWEETBEEFINDS 2 1960s cocktail dress GOGOVINTAGE 3 1950s bombshell party dress NESTDESIGNSTUDIO 4 bee mine adjustable ring RADGIFTSANDJEWELRY 5 gold glitter chevron envelope clutch BELLEDEBENOIR 6 vintage pink tulle headband MAEJEANVINTAGE 7 handprinted organic hemp pillow MELONGINGS 8 geometric art canvas print THEMODERNARTSHOP 9 fashion illustration art print LEIGH VINER

    I had a look at my favorites on Etsy recently and was like, “Why don’t I already have all this stuff?” How I was able to resist buying these fabulous vintage dresses and handmade goods from Etsy, I do not know. Here’s nine listings I’m totally in love with. Any which one catch your eye?


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