• The Rolling Stones Exhibit At The Paley Center For Media, NYC

    The baby-faced lads backstage at the Gaumont cinema in Norwich, Norfolk, UK 1964. The band was the headliner on the All Stars 1964 tour.

    After my dismay at accidentally missing Crossfire Hurricane on HBO last Thursday (seriously, I’m  gutted)† I tried to make up for The Rolling Stones-shaped void in my life by going to the Rolling Stones: 50 exhibition at The Paley Center for Media in midtown Manhattan.

    First off, how cute do they look in the above photo? Very, if you ask me. 

    Rolling Stones: 50 exhibition at the Paley Center For Media

    The exhibit is part of the band’s 50th milestone celebration and this is the first time these photographs are shown together in the United States. Truth be told, it was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, but the collection of photographs on display were brilliant. Think of it like having a backstage pass into their rock and roll journey—each photo was crisp, real, surreal, magnetic, and fascinating.

    Rolling Stones Fifty Years Exhibition

    Love the selection of quotes from some of the band members strewn here and there. My absolute favorite has to be at the very beginning, before you even walk in, there you’ll find an excerpt from one of Mick’s essays when he was only 15, ‘[on how to form a group] Before any group is started up, there should be someone who can sing really well and a couple of guitarists who can play good strong chords…’

    Rolling Stones: 50, A Photographic & Video Exhibition

    The exhibit also includes 10 snippets of video footage shown on a tiny flat screen TV at the corner of the room, not really necessary if you ask me, but I guess it does provide a soundtrack of their hits in the background. Admittedly I found myself tapping my feet to the beat, and after a quick scan of the room I found I wasn’t the only one enjoying the tunes (there were definitely some head bobbers there too).

    Rolling Stones: 50. A photographic & video exhibition. Runs until Sunday, January 6, 2013 at The Paley Center For Media, New York City.

    † All is right with the world again! Crossfire Hurricane replayed last night.


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