• Gucci Shoes Lust List
    I’ve been lusting over these Gucci metallic sandals for ages. They seem to be popping up on the feet of every fashionable fashion blogger and street style maven out there (which to be completely honest, is my one reason to not buy these sandals because I hate partaking in fads that seem to be everywhere or on everyone—but then again that’s not to say I haven’t broken the odd rule here and there…) At any rate, here are some Gucci shoes to drool or break your willpower over. I found them on Bluefly, which means they’re on sale (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!

    Gucci Shoes Lust List
    Gucci Suede Loafers, $531

    Gucci Shoes Lust List
    Gucci Canvas Mule Sandals, $459

    Gucci Shoes Lust List
    Gucci Gold Leather Moccasin Pumps, $666


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