• First of all I have to give a big shout out to Fabulous girls wear vintage (a must read blog for vintage style and inspiration), for recommending the Impact exhibition at the Museum of FIT to us. Please also read her post,  Impact – See, Read, Lust.

    The exhibition was amazing and did not disappoint. The only downside was we were not allowed to take photos inside. Trust me when I say I would have tried to be a bit cheeky and get some stealthy snaps for you to see, but because it was a relatively small space (one room dedicated to each of the museum’s two exhibits) there was always a guard not too far away who seemed to know of my my sneaky snapshot plotting!

    All I can share with you are photos of booklets from the exhibits and tell you how much I really recommend for you to go see this beautifully curated collection of designs celebrating American couture throughout half a century.

    Impact 50 Years of the CFDA runs through to April 17.

    The Museum at FIT:
    Seventh Avenue at 27 Street
    New York City 10001-5992

    Information: 212 217.4558

    For more information on these exhibits and future ones to come, go to the Museum at FIT website.

    P.S. We are very excited to see Youthquake! The 1960s Fashion Revolution. Hope to see you there!

    A bonus: check out the Barbie doll collection on the ground floor dressed from head to toe by top fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Anna Sui.


    (It was a lovely, sunny day at NYC made even lovelier with the company of my folks!)


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