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    The fab folks at Londontown were kind enough to send me some of their bestselling nail polish colors of the season. Londontown has a beautiful collection of cruelty-free nail polishes. Every shade is on point, stunning, and super wearable. Just try to not keep wanting to change your nail polish color every day with their gorgeous colors! I had such a hard time doing so, I wore most of the shades all at once (as you'll see from my pastel rainbow manicure look below).

    Red Hot

    You can't go wrong with a classic red shade. In the image above, I'm wearing Londontown's Changing of the Guards. It is as timeless and decadent as it gets.

    Grab it here.

    pastel rainbow manicure trend Londontown nail polish

    Pastel Rainbow Manicure

    Try two stylish trends of the season—pastels and the rainbow manicure. In this look, I'm wearing Mauve Over, Opal, Briolette, and Peach Please.


    'Londontown takes color to the next level by fusing bold colors with enriched botanicals and mineral oils to simultaneously restore and beautify hands. Uniquely formulated to create a lasting bond with kur Nail Hardener and Top Coat. Our quick dry nail polish, Lakur reinforces nail strength and durability, delivering long-lasting, high-shine wear & gel-like wear.'

    londondontown briolette nail polish

    LONDONTOWN lakur in Briolette




    A light lavender color that is so flattering and pretty. I love that Briolette is bold, modern, and fresh. I can wear it anywhere from work to weddings. Londontown claims to have gel-like wear and it totally delivers. My manicure stayed chip free longer than the usual brand I use. I highly recommended using their lakur nail polishes with the kur Gel Genius Base and Top Coat. With both, my manicure had that really glossy, "I just came from the salon", gel-like finish!

    Londowntown lakur nail polish set

    Botanical Formula and 9-Free

     All of Londontown's products are infused with nourishing botanicals like Vitamin E and Rapeseed Oil. My nails have been in serious need of some extra TLC lately, so I'm so happy Londontown polishes are totally vegan. Their entire collection is free from the nine toxic chemicals typically found in standard nail polishes, including formaldehyde, toluene, and acetone.



    From left to right: Londontown kur Gel Genius Base Coat, lakur Changing of the Guards, Peach Please, Mauve Over, Briolette, Opal, Gel Genius Top Coat


    Many thanks to Londontown for sponsoring this post.

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