• I love sunglasses…actually I think that might be an understatement—I’m addicted to sunglasses. Just one look into my top dressing drawer and half of it is overtaken with sunglasses, yet still I can’t resist shopping for another pair of gorgeous sunnies! So when I came across a tweet from @whowhatwear about Cara Delevingne rocking a pair of sunglasses that were not only badass, but affordable too, I knew I just had to investigate. Turns out they were from an LA-based brand called PERVERSE. Awesome name and awesome collection too! Their sunglasses are right up my alley. They’ve got everything from retro cool to chic and glamorous and the best part of it is, their sunglasses range from $30 to $65, which means you can get more than one pair without burning a hole through your pocket. (Looks like I’ll definitely have to make more room in my top drawer though!) Have a scroll down for my favorite picks from their collection.

    must haves: perverse sunglasses funday
    Funday in Dusty Blue, $35

    must haves: perverse sunglasses ahh whatevs
    Ahh Whatevs in Meh, $32

    must haves: perverse sunglasses sumthin else
    Sumthin Else in Crema, $38

    must haves: perverse sunglasses dewap
    Dewap in So Fetch Black, $35

    must haves: perverse sunglasses redondo
    Redondo in Pale White, $45

    must haves: perverse sunglasses fabulosa
    Fabulosa in Two Early Black & White


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