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    Is it just me or do you also use the same bag day after day? I definitely have an “everyday” bag. It’s black with gold zippers, sort of big, and has a handle I can hang on my arm as well as straps that transform it into a backpack. It’s handy, goes with mostly everything in my closet, and it’s got plenty of room. 

    I always ask myself, “Why do I need to carry around so much stuff?” I think the answer lies somewhere in that saying about closet space. You know, the one that goes something like, “if you build a closet, it will fill itself.” I can’t remember the exact words to that saying but I’m hoping you know the one I mean (If you do know the exact words please remind me how it goes in the comments section below. It’s starting to drive me a bit nuts!)

    Anyhoo, back to the subject of bags…

    When I was thinking of what to wear and putting together this outfit, the vintage clutch bag I had found at an estate sale ages ago popped into my head. I’ve been wanting to use it for the longest time, but a clutch bag for the day? For the evening, sure a clutch bag makes sense, but for the daytime…can I fit everything I “need” into a clutch bag? 

    Um, turns out, I can.

    I can because 1) I’m being a Silly Billy for thinking I need so much stuff, especially since I don’t even use everything in my bag on any given day and 2) despite my ambitions to be a badass secret agent like MacGyver, I ain’t no MacGyver. I probably won’t need a nail file, eye drops, and a packet of tissues to get myself out of a life or death situation in the middle of the day. 

    So I took the chance, left most of those things at home and I’m glad I did. Not only did I feel five pounds lighter, I felt five pounds chicer too. Maybe next time I can go sans bag altogether. Maybe.

    How about you, do you think you can go the whole day with just a tiny bag or even without a bag at all?

    cardigan, clutch bag, & blanket scarf: VINTAGE; pants: NICOLE FARHI; belt: FOREVER21


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