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    ootd by cutandchicvintage 70s style

    70s fashion top

    outfit side view

    70s street style

    ootd sitting

    diy 70s top
    If you buy vintage quite often, you’ll know you won’t always find something you love in your size. It’s just the nature of the beast that sometimes comes with uncovering a one of a kind item. Vintage lovers know that a little alteration here and there can make all the difference in the world and that it can make an already unique item, truly unique to its new owner. Knowing you’ll end up with something bespoke that will last a lifetime makes the investment all worth it in the end.

    My sewing skills are still quite novice—I can mend basic tears and sew a button, but I leave more technical alterations to the pros. Sometimes, however, having an item tailored isn’t all that practical. Whether it’s the time, the money, or the skill you lack, I totally understand all of the reasons behind not buying something based on size.  I do though have one handy d-i-y trick up my sleeve when an alteration is not an immediate option. I “pin.” If something is a little bit too big for me, I grab either pins or safety pins and think about how I can pin it in place in a flattering way. As an added benefit, the pins become an interesting and unexpected detail to your overall outfit. It’s easy peasy and costs nothing! Just be careful not to prick yourself!

    vintage ’70s top & bag CUTANDCHICVINTAGE
    wide leg jeans (similar here) H&M
    sunglasses TARGET
    platforms KENNETH COLE

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