• OOTD: Today, I’m keepin’ it black & white, baby.

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    I like things black and white…and I’m not just talking about in my outfit of the day. 

    There have been definitive moments in my life when keeping things black and white was what I knew I needed to do. 

    There were those relationships that sadly became so toxic and unhealthy I knew it was time they ended.

    There were those jobs that had no prospect for growth that I knew it was time I left. 

    There were those important conversations where I knew it was necessary to express my feelings and stand up for what I believed in.

    Yes, life is full of grey areas and sometimes there’s beauty in life’s complications or uncertainties—after all we humans are complicated beings, but I believe there’s that certainty in all of us, whether it’s the conviction to stay true to who you are or the clarity to move on, that’s the black and white that’s undeniably beautiful too. 

    blouse: VINTAGE; pants: FOREVER 21; sneakers: CONVERSE; necklace: LEMONTREELAND ON ETSY


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