• OOTD: Today, I’m a snake charmer

    Today, I'm a snake charmer. #ootd #vintagefashion

    Modern vintage style by cutandchicvintage

    Vintage whiting and davis serpent necklace

    Outfit of the day by cutandchicvintage

    Vintage shag faux fur jacket

    I loved rocking this outfit, purely for the fact that I wore one of my ultimate favorite vintage finds of all time — that vintage Whiting & Davis serpent necklace. Talk about a statement piece, right?

    Now on to that vintage shag jacket. I’m thinking it’s one of those love it or hate it pieces. Some of you might be thinking, “shag faux fur belongs on the floor as a rug, not as an accessory to be worn on one’s person”. Fair enough, I’m not one to tell people what to wear, nor do I think myself an authority on how people should dress. I wear what I want to wear, period. My M.O. when it comes to picking out outfits is: if it makes me smile and I feel good in it, then that’s what I’m wearing. Life’s too short to take a lot of things seriously, one of which is fashion, and that’s coming from someone who owns a vintage shop and whose in the business of fashion! 

    serpent necklace: VINTAGE WHITING & DAVIS; polo neck top: FOREVER 21; trousers: NICOLE FARHI; faux fur shag jacket: VINTAGE; faux leather jacket: ZARA; belt: H&M

    P.S. The duties of owning a vintage shop however, I do take seriously. After all a girl’s got to eat. 

    P.P.S. No faux fur shag rugs were harmed in the making of that jacket.


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