• OOTD: Today, I’m Warm and Fuzzy.

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    If you’re living within the New York City area, you’ll know just how unseasonably warm it’s been for the month of December. We’re so used to frigid temperatures around this time of year that these warmer climes has gotten New Yorkers confused about what to wear and what season to dress for. Typically, I’d say layers are the way to go for this kind of unusual weather but today it was warm enough to go one step further and dress for two completely different seasons altogether. The style conundrum? Which two seasons do I dress for? I decided to go for a winter/spring combo. Faux fur coat over light silk blouse seemed appropriate enough. Just by looking around the city it would seem I’m not the only one answering this sartorial uncertainty by mixing up the seasons in one’s wardrobe. I’m seeing t-shirts under wool coats, chiffon dresses with velvet jackets, and even an occasional pair of shorts topped with a light parka. Being a style blogger and all, I’m not saying I’d advocate that last ensemble, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

    Stay warm and fuzzy folks. Winter is coming…in the not so distant future, I’m sure.

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