• The Reason You Should Use a Filter

    maison margiela replica filter review

    Never did I think I would be using a filter. And no, I’m not talking about the “Aden” or “Nashville” kind, but rather the Maison Margiela kind.  Yup, I’m talking about the perfume kind. I’d been eyeing Replica’s Filter at Sephora for ages and although I’d been tempted to buy it, I could never bring myself to spend money on a so-called perfume filter. I mean, what on earth is a “filter” anyway and is it really as great as the reviews say it is?

    replica filter in glow maison margiela

    According to Sephora’s website, the Replica Filter is ‘An innovative oil-based fragrance primer that nourishes the skin and combines with the ‘REPLICA’ Eau de Toilette collection to create personalized olfactive signatures.’ Sounds fancy, right? Ok, Maison Margiela, you’ve caught my attention—but is a fragrance primer really as intriguing as it’s made out to be? The skeptic in me really wanted to find out, so I finally decided to bite the $55 bullet and here’s what I discovered…

    replica filter glow

    I bought the filter in Glow. It claims to ‘boost the radiance’ of my scent with ‘zesty and solar notes’. First of all, the filter itself smells gorgeous. The scent is warm, fresh, and inviting, like the perfect summer day. It isn’t strong enough to stand on its own though. One spritz is subtle and unassuming. The real magic happens after you layer on your favorite fragrance. Although I knew Maison Margiela created its filter as a compliment to one of its many fragrances, I already had my favorite signature scent so why change it, right? Whether it would gel with my fragrance was the test.

    Remarkably it did, and amazingly well too. The warmth of the filter added this other dimension that I can only describe as, well…indescribable! Truth be told, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what made the overall olfactory experience better but it undeniably was. It was a total je ne sais quoi moment and one I could not resist. It was so intoxicating, I found myself sniffing my wrist all day long!

    I can’t say that my experience will be the same when layered with your favorite fragrance too. I guess it all depends on how the notes of your perfume will mesh with the filter’s, but I do think it’s totally worth a try. Who knows you just may find your signature scent? I know I did. Remember, Maison Margiela offers two filters, Glow and Blur. You can find both of them at Sephora.

    Long story short: Can you live without it? Well yes, it’s not water, folks. Can you go the whole day without thinking about it? I definitely couldn’t! It creates such a unique, irresistible scent, it’s nothing short of intriguing.


    Have you tried out the Replica Filter? If you have, I’d love to hear about your experience!


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