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    It was an honor to be asked by Sugarlips to join their fashion blogger partnership program. Many thanks to them for giving me this super feminine and flirty dress. It’s lovely, isn’t it? 

    I love the ruffles and the skater style skirt, but even better is it’s so easy to wear and so easy to take care of. These photos were taken in the midst of a heat wave in NYC, so the fact that it’s made of breathable cotton was a treat!

    It’s also such a versatile dress that I can see dressing up or down. I chose to go a bit fancy with the accessories for this shoot, but I could just as easily wear this dress on a casual day by throwing a denim jacket over it, slipping on a pair of ballet flats, and putting my hair up in a top knot. 

    In the end I went retro because the full skirt reminded me of a 1950’s frock. Vintage accessories is such a great way of making any dress your very own. 

    So tell me, what’s your favorite vintage accessory?

    Jo xx

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