• Throwback Thursday: From Spitalfields Market to New York City

    CutandChicVintage at Spitalfields Market, Jan 2011

    I can’t believe it’s been nearly three years (2 years &  9 months to be exact) since I “officially” started Cut and Chic and decided to sell my vintage finds at Spitalfields Market in London.  Look at how different the Cut and Chic logo was then! This photo was from my very first day at the market. My dad, whose midsection you can see in the mirror behind me,  came all the way from New York to help me get started on my venture. I remember it was absolutely freezing that day (we must have had five layers of underwear between us!) and there was hardly anyone at the market! Still, none of that deterred my spirits! I was livin’ the dream baby, oh yeah! 

    It’s been such an amazing journey from then to now, between two continents, one ocean, and many vintage finds here and there. 

    Thanks to everyone out there, fans, family, and friends for your incredible support and faith in my dream. 


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