• Vintage Collection: Scarves

    Don’t be fooled, this popular accessory from yesteryear is back in town and back on trend. Unlike your grandmother, however, you can wear it in chicer ways than just over your head (sorry, Grandma!) You can tie a scarf around your waist as a belt or criss-cross it around your neck and wear it as a top, for example. For some style inpso from how the cool girls are rocking their silk scarves, check out this article from Who What Wear. Afterwards, head over to my ‘Tips & Tricks’ section for this illustrated tutorial on how you can tie your scarf.

    blue & yellow silk scarf FASHION-CONSCIENCE.COM

    vintage dior black & orange geometric print scarf PORTERO

    vintage lily silk square scarf by echo NORDSTROM 

    vintage ’60s polka dot scarf BETA ACCESSORIES ON ETSY

    vintage ’50s abstract print large square scarf CUTANDCHICVINTAGE ON ETSY

    barbour vintage advert silk scarf ORVIS

    vintage levi’s novelty print square scarf YOOX.COM


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