• I love collecting vintage lingerie. Between the glamour and the luxurious fabrics, there’s just so much to fall in love with. From bed jackets to slips, here’s a guide of vintage lingerie through the decades.


    Bed Jacket

    vintage lingerie a-z bed jacket

    The bed jacket is exactly that, a jacket worn while sitting up in bed. This piece of lingerie was in fashion from the early 1920s to the 1960s. Some vintage bed jackets are really fancy—you can find them made in silk, lace, and with glamorous trim. Check out these vintage bed jackets hand-picked by moi.


    vintage lingerie a-z brassiere

    vintage lingerie a-z brassiere

    1920s Silk & Cotton Brassiere. Photo: http://www.metmuseum.org

    This vintage-inspired brassiere from Adored Vintage is nothing short of adorable.

    vintage lingerie a-z bustier
    The bustier is like a push-up bra and corset it one. Unlike it’s more intimidating cousin, the corset, it is easier to fasten, usually with hook and eye enclosures, and it is lighter in weight. Who can forget Madonna rocking a bustier in Like a Virgin or in her Blonde Ambition tour where she wore Gautier’s iconic conical version. Strike a pose like Madge in this fun vintage ’90s beaded bustier from the shop.


    vintage lingerie a-z camisole
    The camisole is a waist-length undergarment that used to be worn underneath the corset. Later on it was worn over the bra, the way we continue to wear it today. I love satin camisoles with a thick lace trim that accentuates the décolletage. You can wear it with silky wide-leg trousers and a blazer for a sexy, feminine-masculine going-out outfit. This vintage Maison Margiela camisole top is on my lust list.

    Chemise (aka Teddy)
    vintage lingerie a-z chemise
    The chemise dates back all the way to the Middle Ages. It’s usually straight cut, loose fitting, and in it’s earliest form had a button at the crotch to define the legs. The term ‘chemise’ was eventually replaced with ‘camisole’ in the late-1910s to 1920s. I’m in love with this retro chemise from Anthropologie.


    Dressing Gown
    vintage lingerie a-z dressing gown
    The dressing gown is a robe traditionally worn while getting dressed or ready. Very Lady Mary, no? This vintage Biba dressing gown is on my lust list.


    Lingerie Set
    vintage lingerie a-z lingerie set
    Check out these gorgeous retro lingerie sets from What Katie Did.


    Negligee, Nightgown
    vintage lingerie a-z nightgown
    The nightgown may seem like a product of a bygone era but I highly recommend slipping one on every now and again for a luxurious night in. Try one of these vintage nightgowns.


    vintage lingerie a-z pajamas
    The pajama started in India. A lot of vintage silk pajamas, like this 1940s one from This Blue Bird, had an Asian-inspired feel to them. If you’re looking for a classic cotton set of pajamas, try this one on for size from J.Crew.

    vintage lingerie a-z peignoir
    A peignoir is a dressing gown that is sheer. Peignoir comes from the French word ‘peigner,’ which means ‘to comb,’ and refers to the garment worn while combing one’s hair. This vintage ’60s lace angel sleeve peignoir is my favorite from the shop.

    vintage lingerie a-z petticoat
    If you’re looking to add that oomph to your full skirt dress, then you’ll need a petticoat. Unique Vintage has a great collection of petticoats in their online shop.


    vintage lingerie a-z robe
    I think Jean Harlow would have absolutely loved this marvelous robe by Agent Provocateur.


    vintage lingerie a-z slips
    Lingerie as outerwear was a trend that showed up in spring collections this year. Start with a dress slip and layer it with coats, skirts, and accessories for an outfit that’s sure to turn heads. Check out my vintage dress slip collection at the CutandChicVintage shop.


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