• When Vintage Makes You Smile

    photo from: Eccentric Owl

    It always warms the heart to hear when one of my vintage finds brings a smile to it’s new owner’s face. Case in point, check out the lovely Kristina of Eccentric Owl wearing this twirly vintage skirt from CutandChicVintage the other day. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?! I love how she wore it with bright jewel tones, added a petticoat, and how most importantly it brought out her beautiful smile. One of the reasons I got into selling vintage clothing was because of the wonderful feeling of finding those stand out pieces that I know will give my customer that extra pep in her or his step the moment they wear it. Now I know there are more things in life than fashion that should make someone happy, but it sure does help to feel pretty, fabulous, chic, and/or Fuh-Fuh-Fiine, when you walk out your door; don’t you think?


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