• By this time you’re probably stuffed with holiday wish lists. I myself thought I was done with my wish list making, especially since I’ve probably spent way too much already, but then I came across Scottish jewelry brand, I Love a Lassie, and I thought, heck one more wish list can’t hurt! What drew me to I Love a Lassie’s gorgeous jewelry collection was their inspiration for ‘life’s little treasures.’ A hint of nostalgia is in each and every one of their hand-made designs, for example, a piece of antique lace found in a friend’s attic or a piece of twig found on a walk in the Scottish woods.

    Much like the vintage items I collect, I love that I Love a Lassie has found a way of incorporating their story into their charming jewelry collection. Here are some of my favorite pieces from their shop. Keep scrolling down for a 15% discount off of your next order!

    I Love a Lassie Holiday Wish List Lace Cuff
    This lace cuff makes for the perfect statement piece. I can picture rocking this with just a t-shirt and jeans or with a little black dress for just the right amount of glam. I love that the inspiration comes from an actual piece of Venetian lace found from a collector’s attic. The intricacy and texture of the lace captured in solid silver is amazing! Find it in four finishes—sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold vermeil, 18ct rose gold vermeil, and black rhodium.

    I Love a Lassie Holiday Wish List Twig Bangles
    I’m not usually a bangle bracelet kind of gal but I think these twig bangles would make the perfect gift for my Mom who loves dainty charm bracelets. It’s dainty enough to be stacked with any one of I Love a Lassie’s other bracelets for a personalized look that’s your very own.

    I Love a Lassie Holiday Wish List Braid Ring
    Now anyone who knows me knows I love a great ring. This vintage-inspired braid ring has earned a definite spot in my heart. It has been formed from a piece of vintage upholstery braid and has just the right amount of weight to really stand out.

    I Love a Lassie Holiday Wish List Bark Ring
    This bark ring inspired by the bark of a Scots pine tree is another great attention-grabbing piece. You can change its look by deciding how you turn it around your finger.

    I Love a Lassie Holiday Wish List Bawbee Coin
    I love how chic this bawbee coin necklace looks. What’s a bawbee coin? A bawbee coin is a Scottish half-penny. Talk about looking minted, right? You can wear this as a necklace, earrings, cufflinks, or a ring.

    Isn’t I Love a Lassie’s collection beautiful? Check out the rest of their jewelry at ilovealassie.uk.com. Enter LASSIE15 for your 15% off discount.

    Happy holidays!


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